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What is Thyroid & hypothyroidism?

The thyroid gland is positioned near the front of the neck. It secretes the thyroid hormone, which controls the metabolism of the body. Thyroid hormone secretion abnormalities can result in hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Why Should You Consult with a Thyroid Expert at ADEA Diabetes Centre?

If you are experiencing difficulties owing to a hormonal disorder like diabetes or thyroid disease, you should contact ADEA Diabetes Centre as soon as possible to consult with a renowned thyroid specialist Kolkata. During the initial appointment, our specialist used to understand and note the patient's medical history and addresses the many health challenges they are currently dealing with. Following that, the doctor may do a brief examination to look for and confirm the ailment's symptoms. Based on the results of this examination, the physician recommends a course of action, such as medicine or another diagnostic testing.

Our Thyroid Treatment Procedure

With years of consistency, we have successfully maintained our top position in the thyroid therapy segment. Thyroid illness management, osteoporosis management, hormonal evaluation, hypo/hyperthyroidism therapy, Diabetes treatment, pediatric thyroid program for children, and thyroid nodule are some of our healing amenities. If you are looking for the best thyroid specialist in Kolkata, contact with us immediately.

Our Mission :

Our objective is to support you in curing your ailments quickly and more safely. So, without any delay, consult with our professionals now to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Contact The Best Thyroid Doctor in Kolkata

The ADEA Diabetes Centre in Kolkata is a modern and well-maintained facility. The address of this clinic is extremely convenient since there are several modes of transportation available. For more information or to make an appointment with the best thyroid doctor in Kolkata, please feel free to call us at 9748580730. Or else send us an e-mail at to receive a prompt response regarding your query.

Miss Surupa Saha

Dr. Miss Surupa Saha - Best Thyroid Doctor Kolkata

MD, DCH, MRCP(Glasgow),FRCP(Glasgow), Diploma in Endocrinology (UK, South Wales) is Director and Chief Endocrinologist cum Diabetologist at ADEA Diabetes Centre and also Professor at KPC Medical College, Kolkata

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