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Weight Control & Obesity Care Plan

Best Weight Control & Obesity Care Plan Clinic in Kolkata

Diabetes and Obesity

Our team of specialists to help you successfully manage your weight and diabetes. Our team will recommend a highly personalised approach to weight loss and support you along the way.

If you have diabetes and need to lose weight, our dietitians can help. Our team will offer personalized meal plans and nutrition guidelines, so you know what to eat and how to safely keep control over your blood sugar levels.
It is usually found that carbohydrates have the biggest effect on blood sugar, so our dietitians will work on it with you to determine the right balance of carbs, fat, protein, and other important nutrients. This way, you’ll feel confident that you’re eating healthy and doing everything possible to get your weight (and health) in control.

Our team has the knowledge to understand that exercise is one of the medicine for the body. If your doctor recommends that you start a physical activity program, we will work with you to recommend activities and encourage your success.

Many of our patients start out by walking to improve their health. If they’re able and willing, they also do light strength training exercises and safely build up their physical fitness levels. Regular exercise helps them keep their blood sugar levels in control and helps boost their energy and mood. We are happy to talk with you about starting an exercise program and recommend an approach that is achievable and goal-oriented.

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