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Dr Dipa Saha

Best Eye Specialist in Kolkata

Best Eye Specialist Doctor in Kolkata

Dr Dipa Saha

Dr Dipa Saha

MD, DO (RIO, Kolkata), FICO (UK), MRCS (Edinburgh ) Medical Director ADEA Diabetic Eye Care

If you are looking for the best eye doctor in Kolkata, then you have just come to the right clinic. ADEA clinic has a wide range of ophthalmic services aiming to provide the best treatment for better vision with ultimate care and education.

Dr. Dipa Saha, one of the best eye doctors in Kolkata, has joined ADEA to bring the best service to you in simple ways. We are also providing each of our treatments within your affordability so that everyone can be able to get the right treatment. The significance of eye diseases must be understood and should be treated on time to prevent any further issues.

Trusted Eye Specialist in Kolkata Offerings

ADEA offers comprehensive ophthalmic service for diabetic patients. It is quite common that diabetic patients suffer from various kinds of eye problems. We offer :

    • Best eye specialist in Kolkata
    • Surgery option available
    • Affordable treatment facility.

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The eye care department at the ADEA clinic is professionally served by the best eye doctor in Kolkata, offering every service at an affordable cost. We provide the latest facilities with updated equipment for eye check-ups and surgeries for eye problems. New ways of treatment are provided by our expert team of doctors.

ADEA Clinic Provides

    • The best and effective diagnosis of eye diseases
    • Utmost care for the pediatric patients
    • Comprehensive management of eye surgeries
    • Treatment under the best eye specialist in Kolkata.
    • Specialty in eye problems caused due to diabetic patients.

If you are looking for an appointment for our doctors, just get the inquiry form filled, we will contact you soon for a quick appointment. Or you can even call us the clinic for an appointment too.

Get an Eye Check-up Today

Dr. Dipa Saha has teamed up with the best eye specialist in Kolkata to offer the latest solutions for eye problems. Also, we are responsible for the utmost care of the patients, especially the diabetic patients who are facing eye problems due to diabetes.

Here are the services offered by our eye department:

    • Routine eye checkup
    • Surgeries like cataracts, diabetic retinotherapy, and many more
    • Glaucoma treatment
    • Neuro-Ophthalmology.

We are also having trauma care in our eye department. Take up a prior appointment to get assured check-up done. You can call up or email us for an appointment.